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4casino.pro is a site that is entirely dedicated to online casino reviews. We cover the latest gambling news and about casinos online on various parameters. However, we do not give the opportunity to place bets. Visitors to our site can only learn information about how to bet on poker, lotteries, where the most favorable deposits and jackpots. And therefore, we ask readers to familiarize themselves with the rules of the site before exploring the rest of the information online.

Basic site terms of use

Slot machines and casino is the main focus of the platform. We publish information that is intellectual property and can not be distributed without consent. And therefore, let’s familiarize ourselves with the rules of the site, which should be known to the participant.

Consider the principles of using the site:

  1. The user, going to the official site 4casino.pro, automatically gives consent to the processing of personal data. If the reader does not agree to this condition, he should immediately leave this resource.
  2. Portal offers to study andlebovanie experts about the strategy of the game, but does not guarantee a 100% positive result. In particular, it is not responsible in case of unsuccessful betting.
  3. The site may publish poker strategies, but the administration is not responsible for the result.
  4. Copying of any materials, including casino rating, without indicating links to the resource is prohibited.
  5. In the comments is prohibited to place links to external resources. Including on other people’s broadcasts of games and streams.
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For all questions, the visitor can contact technical support.

Additional information for users

In addition, the administration of the site does not induce its readers to bet on slot machines. All information is of an introductory nature and can help those for whom gambling is a hobby. We are in favor of responsible and safe attitude to gambling entertainment. And therefore provide an honest rating of casinos online.

We also have a lot of information about online games6 poker tournaments, lotteries, casino promotions. However, we try to cover all types of games, not just the popular ones. Thus, we count on honest behavior of users in comments, without insults, advertising and the like. Also prohibited is the use of profanity and spam. The administration reserves the right to block a visitor if he systematically violates the rules.