Privacy Policy of

Privacy Policy - a document regulating the collection, storage, systematisation and disclosure of personal information of users. Also the privacy policy regulates the receipt by visitors of adverts on the site, including about online betting.

General Provisions

The official website provides information services about bookmakers and various sports. The site does not offer sports betting. For any questions, the visitor can contact technical support by visiting the «Contact Us» page.

Collection and use of personal data

By registering online, the user agrees to the provision, processing and storage of his personal data. The purpose of data collection is to ensure the proper operation of the site and the exchange of information, for the provision of advertising services. Including if the user is interested in predictions or sports betting from a phone.

The website collects the following data:

Processing of personal data

By accessing the site, the member can obtain information about sports betting. In particular, predictions and bookmaker ratings. The information collected about the user is securely stored in one place on a single server. Information is not distributed to third parties, unless otherwise stated in the legislation.

Personal data retention period

User data is stored on the website for as long as it is necessary to process it. The data is deleted automatically after the registered member has deleted his/her profile.

Use of cookies

By visiting the online betting site, the user consents to the use of cookies. These are data sent to the web browser and stored on the visitor’s device. Their retention period can be forever until manually deleted. By reading sports news or other information, the user must accept the agreement. If he has not done so, access to some content may be restricted.

Safety of minors

As with sports betting, the site is not recommended to be visited by anyone under the age of majority. The acceptable age for EU citizens is 16 years old. The operator is unable to independently determine the age of the participant and does not request documents. Therefore, parents of a minor studying sports betting can contact the administration and delete the account.

Privacy policy changes

The privacy policy may be changed and amended without the consent of the user. If the changes are serious, the administration will notify the user.