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The website is a platform that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of betting. We do not provide the opportunity to bet on sports. However, our aim is to provide readers with the maximum amount of useful information about different sports. We monitor in real time and publish the latest news in the world of betting. That’s why every reader gets a chance to bet online and win a cash prize!

We understand that visitors to the platform may have various questions and suggestions. Also the desire to send feedback, so that it is guaranteed not to become without the attention of the staff. Therefore, those who wish to contact the administration, using the specified contacts. We welcome feedback and are always open to offers of co-operation!

How to contact the site administration?

At present, readers have the opportunity to write an e-mail in which they describe the essence of a question or suggestion. On this page there is an actual e-mail address where users can contact us. The editorial staff will familiarise themselves with it and respond as soon as possible. In order for the issue to be resolved as quickly as possible, try to describe the situation in detail in the letter. This will allow the specialists to process the request promptly in order to give feedback.

What questions are addressed to the administration?

If the user is interested in online sports betting or the rating of concourses, all the information he will find in the blog. However, we are well aware that not all questions are answered on the site. Therefore, let’s consider what questions are asked to experts most often.

Why write to the site administration:

Information for commercial communication with the administration

We are always open for suggestions! For example, if you know and want to add reliable bookmaker offices that are not in our rating. Development is the principle of our platform, as we write about online sports betting. However, in addition to the essence of the offer, please leave more information about yourself.

What information the manager will need: