4casino.pro User Agreement

Before visiting the portal 4casino.pro we recommend you to read the user agreement. User Agreement is an actual contract (offer) between the administration and visitors to the site, governing the relationship.

Subject of the contract user agreement

4casino.pro - a site that provides a service of informational nature, in particular about online casinos. The resource does not encourage betting on poker or slots. In addition, does not offer users to visit online casinos or other establishments with gambling entertainment. The platform offers visitors to familiarize themselves with information about casinos online as a place to play. Including publishes information about the best online casinos.

Terms and definitions in the agreement

To regulate the relationship between the administration of the site and the user, it is necessary to understand the terminology. Let’s consider what terms are used in the user agreement.

What are the main terms present in the agreement:

Content - information and all materials posted on the site.

Intellectual Property Rights

All information published on the site, including images, texts and sports forecasts, is intellectual property. Users are strictly forbidden to copy data without the permission of the administration, as well as to distribute 4casino.pro research data without reference to the source. It is also prohibited to publish links to external resources, including online betting, broadcasts and other.


When visiting the platform, registering and writing comments, the user provides the site with his personal data. The administration of the portal securely stores the information of users on the server, not distributing it and not transferring it to third parties.


The portal does not offer to bet on slot machines or games like poker, lotteries. The main areas of information on the resource: casino news, reviews of casino sites, ratings, reviews of slots, poker strategies similar. The site covers all popular casinos. And therefore everyone can learn how to bet and not lose. However, the official site does not take responsibility in case of a negative outcome of the game.

Term of validity of the User Agreement

The term of validity of the user agreement is indefinite. The administration reserves the right to change the terms of the user agreement at any time. In addition, the user can be unilaterally blocked at any time without notice.