Consent to the processing of personal data of users is a resource that tells about the world of betting, the best bookmakers and the like. The site provides services of an informational nature only. We do not offer to bet on sports or visit casinos. However, we ask users to familiarise themselves with the information about the processing of personal data. The collection of personal information is an integral part of the user agreement and privacy policy.

What data does collect?

The entertainment resource, which tells about sports betting, collects a limited amount of user data. First of all, this is the information provided when registering on the site about online sports. In particular, name, email address, location. Also, by visiting the platform, the guest confirms that he or she is over 18 years of age.

Regardless of the device used by the user, cookies and additional analytical services are used. For example, if a guest is reading about sports betting from their phone, similar personal data is collected.

Purposes of collecting personal data

The work of the platform is fully dedicated to the betting industry, and therefore it offers to learn sports news and predictions. With this in mind, the administration collects certain information about visitors. Let’s consider the main purposes of obtaining information.

Why the site collects data about visitors:

Also for all other purposes that are not contrary to the law.

Transmission of personal information

Our online sports betting platform stores members’ information securely on specialised equipment. All information, including preferences and sports of interest, is not passed on to third parties. Exceptions are cases that are clearly marked in the legislation. In particular, if requested by higher authorities.

Term of the agreement

The term of validity of the agreement on the processing of personal data is indefinite. The visitor is free to explore all information about betting, bookmakers and online betting. However, in case he has not agreed to the user agreement, the use of the site will be restricted. For example, predictions, betting school and other services may not be available. Thus, it is better to agree to all the rules to learn more about sports betting.