Sports betting from phone - best apps

The website features the best mobile apps from the leading bookmakers. All of them allow you to bet online, activate bonuses and even watch live matches! Having a mobile app has become a requirement for top bookmakers. And betting on sports from your phone is much more convenient given the current pace of life.

Mobile betting apps - what you need to know?

Every bettor who bets regularly without being tied to a stationary PC would like to download a sports betting app. The mobile application will keep access to the full functionality of the selected bookmaker’s office, no matter where the client is. It is also worth remembering that many bookmakers offer profitable sports betting with a bonus through such programmes. All this can be the main reason why bettors prefer to bet from their phone rather than a browser on a PC. But even with the clear advantages of mobile betting, it’s important to keep some nuances in mind.

Betting on sports from a mobile phone

Betting on sports from a mobile phone: Android version

Let’s describe the main rules for installing a mobile application for Android operating systems. Some bettors may experience problems with this issue, although they are easy enough to solve. By the way, the technical support specialists of the selected bookmaker’s office will also come to the rescue.

So, to successfully install the application on Android you need to perform several steps:

Not all applications support older versions of the Android OS. Detailed technical requirements can be found on the website or in the relevant section of the betting shop.

Sports betting from phone: iOS version

Betting on sports from the phone is also available for holders of Apple devices. All the rules for installing such versions of mobile applications are completely identical to the Android versions. But there are reliable bookmakers who expand the functionality of the programme for their clients. For example, some applications are synchronised with Apple Watch and iPad, which is very convenient. In some cases, from the official website of the bookmaker you can download the actual link, which allows you to switch to an adapted version of the platform without installing the full application.

How to bet on sports from your phone

Features of bookmakers’ mobile apps

If sports betting is downloaded to his smartphone, the bettor will get all the same advantages as on the official website of the bookmaker. In addition, the compact interface can be much more convenient if the client actively uses a smartphone. Here are some strong arguments why everyone should bet on sports via a mobile application.

Live match broadcasts

Contrary to popular belief, modern mobile applications allow bettors to follow their favourite sporting events in real time. The quality of the broadcast can be adjusted manually, saving you traffic. The benefit for the bettor when watching matches in real time is that he can quickly bet on sports from his phone, choosing the most favourable odds. In addition, such broadcasts are offered to customers for free after registering an account.

Fast sports betting

If you download sports betting, the bettor will be able to bet as quickly as possible. In just a couple of clicks, you can add all the necessary lines to the coupon, specify the amount of money to bet, and then withdraw the winnings. And the client will not have to sit at the PC monitor, continuously monitoring the changing odds. All the necessary information will be at hand, and better bookmakers even accompany selected events with quick notifications. So you won’t miss a single favourable bet!

Instant deposit and withdrawal of funds

An unequivocal advantage of mobile applications is the ability to make deposits and withdrawals quickly. The client just needs to go to the necessary section, specify the desired amount and wait for the transaction to be completed. By the way, additional confirmation of identity in legal bookmakers will not be required. It is enough to pass identification once, keep in mind the limits and continue betting on sports.

Accelerated identification procedure

Identification is the most important stage for the bettor, which will allow him to withdraw his winnings almost without limits. Remember that no legal bookmaker can transfer money to customers without this. And with the help of the mobile app, you can not only quickly withdraw your winnings, but also pass the identification.

Bonuses in bookmakers’ mobile apps

And now about the pleasant thing - the most reliable bookmakers offer their clients favourable bonuses for installing the application. They can be referred to the type of no-deposit bonuses.

The tangible benefit of such promotions is expressed in the following:

Sports betting from phone - the best programmes

As you can see, it is realistic and even useful to download betting software to your smartphone! On our site you will find all the necessary information: links to the official sites of bookmakers, instructions for installation and much more. And we also accompany reviews of mobile applications with actual bonuses, which you can get immediately after their installation. Stay tuned for the latest news, predictions and bookmaker reviews!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on sports from my phone at a local bookmaker while in another country?

It is possible to bet on sports from your phone at a local bookmaker while in another country. But it is important to install the official mobile app of your chosen bookmaker in advance. Due to regional restrictions, it may be difficult for the client to install the programme outside the country.

Can I download sports betting via Google Play Market?

Downloading sports betting from the Google Play Market digital shop can be problematic. According to the latest platform requirements, betting apps from bookmakers and online casinos are blocked. Therefore, we recommend downloading apps from the bookmaker’s website or other trusted digital shops.

How to download a betting company on your smartphone if the application cannot be found?

You can download a bookmaker’s office only if the corresponding mobile application is developed and supported by the gambling establishment itself. We strongly recommend not to install analogues and applications from unreliable sources. By doing so, you risk losing money!

Can I watch match broadcasts if I download sports betting to my smartphone?

If you download sports betting to your smartphone, you will be able to bet and watch live match broadcasts at the same time. But in this case, you need to consider the screen size of your device. Using the player at the same time with text content will not be very comfortable for fast coupon formation.